I have a dream.  It’s big.  But I believe with a lot of preparation, support and hard work, I will be able to make my dream a reality one day. 

The detail of my dream is foggy right now, as it is all in my head and I have never actually made it real by writing it down on paper…so here goes:

My dream would be to one day travel the world and capture a sunset every single day for an entire year in different countries.  That is:

  • 365 sunsets. 
  • 365 days of peace. 
  • 365 days of adventure.
  • 365 days of beauty.
  • 365 days of finding myself.

I want to turn this adventure into some kind of project that I will be able to eventually share with people.  I have no idea what this is going to take, how much it will cost, or where I will even begin, but this is my beginning right here.  This journey creating this website and posting photos of sunsets that I have already captured, is my start.  Who knows where it will go from here, but I have faith that no matter what, this adventure is going to take me somewhere amazing and I can wait to share it with everyone.