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When I talk openly, I am constantly at a loss for words, struggling to remember the word I am trying to use or say, always snapping my fingers saying, “whats that word I am trying to say!” And it is ALWAYS just a simple word that shouldn’t be that hard to find.  I also have a hard time expressing my feelings to people face to face, with meaningful words without feeling…..awkward about it or having my mind go blank and losing what I am trying to say… I know many of us have been there before.

But my thoughts, man….. they never take a break! My thoughts never have a hard time trying to find the word they are thinking about.  They run a million miles an hour, about EVERYTHING! certain situations, friends, family, what I’m grateful for, what my future looks like, why I am the way I am, or react the way I do… and so on. But it’s like my brain keeps everything hostage.  I find that when I write, I am able to express more – I can take the time to think about what I’m feeling and find the words to say without someone standing there waiting for me to figure it out.  I can go off on rants on Facebook when I post a picture about why the picture is so important, or how the picture depicted something that happened in my day or how it inspired some different thinking in my head.  I feel like getting these thoughts out and written down helps me work through them and solidify them.  Someone once said to me that when you keep gratitude in, it is actually toxic to your body which stuck with me.  I think that letting all the things I feel out will help me clear my mind.  It also allows me to get advice from other people, and sometimes I think it lets others see that we have many things in common with people that we didn’t realize…. or sometimes it even gives that realization for someone that “I thought I was the only one!” I love knowing that I can help someone, relate with someone or even brighten someones day by them reading my blog.

The purpose of this blog is to be able to elaborate on my rants that I want to put for Facebook posts.  When I want to write a novel about how I am feeling or what going through my mind during that day or during a certain moment.   I know, it sounds kind of frightening and maybe a little boring and I can’t promise that every day of my life is going to funny and entertaining but I can guarantee that there will be some occasional funny posts about my dating life.  Though rare, my stories are pretty epic.

This blog is going to be the story of Kaitlin’s journey through life.  This is just the beginning and who knows, maybe it will turn into a completely different blog, going in a completely different direction one day.  I hope for now, my thoughts written down will help others realize things they never thought about, or brighten their day or help them just appreciate the little things.

My story, Kaitlin’s story…. the story of a girl who is forever chasing sunsets.  I am always snapping photos of any sunset I can capture because there is just something about them that brings me peace and tranquility.  I want to be able to feel that way every day of my life and at the very least, feel that way at the end of every single day.  I love being able to end my day, whether good or bad, in a state of peace.  With the realization that today is over, I did the best I could, there was something good today, whether big or small, and tomorrow is a new day to start over and make it better than it was today.

I want to always be chasing this feeling that sunsets give me.  The feeling of peace and gratitude with the spirit that everything will be OK – today is over and done and tomorrow is a new day.  The intense feeling of gratitude for everything I have in this world and for the beauty that is all around us that so many of us take for granted.

See, I told you I could rant.  Anyways, whether this blog is just for me to have a place to let loose, or it gives many people something to read and enjoy, or even if it just changes that thought process of one person, I will be happy.  I hope you enjoy my journey through life and I hope if something resonates with you and is meaningful to you, you will share that with me.  Many of us are similar and go through the same things in more ways than we think and I think it is amazing when we are able to connect and realize the true beauty of life, together.


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    The United Nations declared 20 March the International Day of Happiness to recognise the relevance of happiness and wellbeing as universal goals.

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